Skynet Loves You

I work on Skynet, a great way to share files and links with your friends over crazy peer-to-peer technology.

We believe in a future where native desktop and mobile software is as fluid as web software, only better. Because native software can do things websites only dream about and your phone never leaves your side. Internet, LAN, Bluetooth, we will connect your devices to your friends' devices in any way possible.

Computers weren't meant to be islands.

Practical Ruby Projects: Ideas for the Eclectic Programmer

This book is a little different from other computer books. It is meant to be entertaining, exciting, and intellectually challenging. Inside you'll find a collection of diverse projects, ranging from the creative to the theoretical, written as a nod to all the great Rubyists I've been privileged to know.

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You'll start by building a cross platform music environment, progress to drawing animations using Scalable Vector Graphics, and then move on to practical problem solving using simulation. In addition, you'll implement your own turn-based strategy game and build a Mac native RubyCocoa interface to it. Next, you'll revisit your simulation with the assistance of biologically inspired genetic algorithms. And, in the last two projects, you'll implement your very own Lisp interpreter and explore the theory and practice behind parsers.

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